Velocity Construction Group

Reliable tile installation and replacement service in Hurstville

Tiles installation

We are a leading distributor based in Banks town, NSW. We provide high quality residential and commercial tile installation services in the Hurtsville area.

 With the sole purpose of creating something of great value and beauty, we create works of art with functionality and spatial elegance. A lot of planning involves creating a beautifully designed home. Of all the choices, tiling plays a huge role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home, and so our experts will ensure you get an exceptional result.

 Through a customer-centric approach, Velocity Construction Group helps clients complete projects on time without compromising on quality. You can rest assured that every job is done to perfection and reflects your pleasure.

Tiles Replacement

Whether your tiles are chipped, broken, cracked, falling out or have faded over time, Velocity Construction can help restore or replace them. We provide services in the Hurstville area.

Some tiles may be re-glued and seams may go unnoticed, while others may require a complete re-surfacing and grout. It is important to have spare bricks under the house in case of repairs. However, if you don't have the replacement tile you need, first contact one of the tile suppliers in your area to purchase the tile with which we'll do the work for you. We carry high quality equipment to repair or replace your tiles as well as adhesives, grout, and sealers in order to repair all areas quickly and efficiently, whether they are internal or external.

For quality tile installation and replacement services, please contact Velocity Construction Group.